English Pronunciation Exercises: minimal pairs [eɪ,ɔɪ] tail/toil, sail/soil, bay/boy

Hello Everyone!

Today we are continuing to work hard to improve our English pronunciation. As always, we are looking at some minimal pairs to try to differentiate between two very difficult sounds.

Here are the words that we practised today:

tail/toil, sail/soil, bay/boy, heist/hoist, ray/roy.

And here are the phonetic transcriptions:

teɪl/tɔɪl, seɪl/sɔɪl, beɪ/bɔɪ, heɪst/hɔɪst, reɪ/rɔɪ.

Remember to try to practise at least 5 minutes a day to improve your pronunciation! Also, please subscribe and like our videos if you want to see more!


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