IELTS Preparation Program for Beginners

IELTS Preparation Program for Beginners

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IELTS Preparation Program for Beginners

Are you ready to ace your IELTS exam?  
    Using the latest materials our expert instructors cover one topic from the IELTS exam each week of the month. During classes students will learn about the various strategies that can be applied to each area, do hands-on practice with the content, and get live feedback about their performance. You receive immediate feedback and error correction with after school 1-to-one advising. You also benefit from university counselling for students interested in attending a North American university. In-home tutoring is available.
      Program Overview:
      Language Arts IELTS Preparation Program for Beginners focuses on necessary skills for students to reach their IELTS grade requirements for immigration and higher education.   The primary areas of focus are as follows:  
      1. IELTS Vocabulary
      2. Reading Section of the IELTS Exam
      3. Writing Section of the IELTS Exam
      4. Listening Section of the IELTS Exam
      5. Speaking Section of the IELTS Exam
      6. Mock IELTS Exams
      There will be vocabulary quizzes, a final vocabulary exam on the penultimate day of the course, and a full mock IELTS exam at the end of each component throughout the course.  
        Admission Requirements:
        To be able to be enrolled in this program, a student must
      • either have completed Language Arts Basic ESL program or have overall score of IELTS 2.5 or equivalent
      • not have a criminal record
        Learning Objectives:
        Upon completion of this program the successful student will have acquired the skills and strategies required to take IELTS tests, be familiar with the format and content of the test, and have reached their target grade in mock tests.    
          Method(s) of Evaluation:
          Language Arts will provide evaluation test at the beginning of the course. The students will be assessed on chapter quizzes, review tests, and a final mock IELTS test conducted by the instructors at the end of the program.    
            Completion Requirements:
            A student must score more than 60 % on the final assessment to complete the program.    
              Program Duration:
              The program will be part-time: two hours per day, five days a week for four months.    
                Homework Hours:
                Up to two hours per week will be allocated for homework. A student may be required to finish additional tasks and receive feedback based on the progression.    
                  Delivery Methods:
                  Classes will be conducted by in-class instruction and homework.    
                    Required course materials:
                    Lin Lougheed, IELTS Practice Exams 2nd Edition, (New York: Barrons, 2013).
                  Course Duration: 96 Hrs

                  Meet Our Course Instructors

                  Adam Sheard
                  Adam Sheard

                  Specializes in teaching English and developing optimized methodologies

                  Greg Felton
                  Greg Felton

                  Specializes in English training with emphasis on grammar and writing

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