Adam Sheard

Adam Sheard

Specializes in teaching English and developing optimized methodologies

Teaching English, Korean and language methodologies for over 10 years. BA from UBC. MSc from Yonsei University, Korea.


    Adam Sheard (Program Coordinator) was born and raised in Vancouver British Columbia and has been teaching English, Korean, language acquisition methodologies and sociolinguistics for over ten years at universities and colleges in both within Canada and abroad. He has spent much of his life learning languages like English, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin and French and enjoys applying his knowledge and experiences to help students achieve their language learning goals.

    Adam has a BA from the University of British Columbia and an MSc from Yonsei University and has focused on determining the sociolinguistic factors associated with language acquisition. In particular, he has been conducting the majority of his research on finding the effects those social environments, physical activity, psychological stress and genuine language exposure has on students learning a second language. His teaching philosophy involves applying a holistic approach to language learning and acquisition that helps students develop the best social, physical and mental states to optimize their language studies.

    Students that participate in Adam’s classes can expect to learn about not only their target language but also the tools that are necessary to continue learning and acquiring language outside of class on their own.

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