Welcome to the Language Arts Institute, and welcome to Vancouver if you are here visiting. We are so blessed to be located in such a beautiful place with such a wonderful multicultural community. As a language institute, there is no better place to be than Vancouver where so many languages are used in social, business and cultural interactions. It is truly a place where knowledge of language and cultural understanding are highly valued, which provides ample motivation for students to pursue language arts.

The totem poles erected by the First Nations People in Stanley Park remind us of an important philosophy that still lives on in Vancouver today—the respect for all living things. Vancouver is a place where nature and diversity are celebrated and appreciated by all, and you can see this all over the city.

It is our hope that all of you who come study with us will reap the full benefits of this wonderful city, learn not only about language but about diverse cultures and lifestyles, and most of all have a great and unforgettable experience.

Introduction And History

The Language Arts Institute was created to offer high quality language education to meet the needs of people who want to succeed in rapidly globalizing society. A variety of courses are focused on helping you learn another language as efficiently as possible.

Courses range from language proficiency test preparation, structured general language programs, immigration test preparation and acclimatization courses to one-on-one tutoring in a variety of subjects.

The institute’s language courses are designed to accommodate all different styles of learners, whether you prefer learning through one of our conversation-focused group classes or by reading great books through our acclaimed ReadingGate program.

Through these programs, students have gone on to succeed at their language proficiency tests, enter international schools and post-secondary institutions, and become valuable members of our global community.

A primary focus is to ensure that class sizes remain small so that you receive optimal attention from your instructors. In addition, our friendly staff strive to provide a comfortable and safe learning environment by offering a supportive and stress-free environment.

Located in Vancouver, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the Language Arts Institute offers a unique opportunity to achieve academic success in an amazing environment. With easy access to outdoor activities, world-class food and entertainment, and a diverse and friendly community, studying language here is relaxing and enjoyable.

We invite you to come join us at the Language Arts Institute to achieve your academic goals.


The academic policies at the Language Arts Institute have been decided by the Academic Board. If any student would like to appeal a decision made by the Academic Board they should submit their concern to the Academic Board in writing. The response time from the Academic Board usually takes one to two weeks and depends on the appeal.


We consider attendance and regular participation to be mandatory at the Language Arts Institute. As such, any students who miss over 25% of their classes without any reasonable excuse (doctor’s note etc.) will be considered as disruptive to their class and may be barred from taking future classes. If the Academic Board of the institute decides to bar a student on the grounds of attendance any applicable refunds will be given as per the refund policy.

Plagiarism and Cheating

Any forms of plagiarism and cheating are strictly prohibited including but not limited to: copying entire papers or portions thereof without proper referencing and submitting them under one’s own name, using the work of others without their consent, falsifying data, and hiring others to complete their projects/homework for them.


The Language Arts Institute is an equal opportunity and harassment-free establishment that strictly forbids harassment of any kind within the institute itself and between students outside of the institute. Any forms of harassment that occur be it racial, sexual or otherwise will be dealt with strictly and will result in the harasser being barred from the school and, in extreme situations, criminal charges pressed.