COVID-19 Safety Plan

In accordance with WorkSafe BC, BCCDC and PHO safety guidelines, the Language Arts Institute is focused on ensuring our space is clean, safe and comfortable for all those who enter our school.

Daily Protocols:

  • Daily cleaning & sanitizing (at the start and end of day) of all common spaces, desks, chairs, doorknobs, light switches and other highly touched surfaces according to the Ministry of Health, BCCDC’s Cleaning & Disinfectants for Public Settings document.
  •  All staff and teachers are trained in our COVID-19 Safety Plan and will be responsible for ensuring that their space/classrooms are cleaned and sanitized before and after each use.
  • Disposable masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and soap/hot water (in the washroom) will be available in our classrooms/common space for use, as needed.
  • Masks are to always be worn in our school. Please see WorkSafe BC’s guidelines on how to wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you.
  • No visitors allowed on premise without an invitation or appointment. Appointments can be made directly by calling our school or contacting us by email.
  • Everyone entering the institution are required to sign-in and sign-out with reception, and verify that they have completed the self-assessment entry check.
  • Teachers and students will have assigned desks/workspaces when they sign-in. It is the responsibility of the teacher and student to ensure their space is clean after use. Teachers will ensure all common spaces in their classroom are properly sanitized after
    class before leaving the classroom.
  • Teachers, staff and students are responsible for their assigned space, supplies and materials and should not share their space/supplies/materials with anyone else.
  • Once a desk/workspace has been assigned, it is expected that students/teachers restrain from moving about/socializing outside of their assigned space. Physical distancing (2 metres/6 feet) should be maintained whenever possible. Desks/workspaces are kept at least 2 metres/6 feet apart in a room.


  • Before entry, all staff, teachers and students/visitors are required to wear masks and perform/confirm the self-entry test (according to the WorkSafe BC’s Keep our workplace safe from COVID-19 guidelines).
  • If anyone is showing COVID-19 symptoms and/or feeling unwell, they will be asked to go home. Alternative lessons can be arranged with reception when you are feeling better.
  • Everyone entering the school will be required to use the hand sanitizer before admittance.
  • Students and guests will check in with reception one at a time. At that time, their desk/workspace and any further instructions will be assigned to them. Students are asked to keep/store their belongings (including coats, bags and umbrellas) in their assigned space.
  • Use of washroom is limited to one person at a time (access and use of washroom key are not to be shared). The key to the washroom can be obtained and returned to reception. Staff will clean/sanitize the key after each use when the key is returned.

Duration of Stay:

  • Students are responsible for bringing their own supplies and should not share/lend their supplies to others.
  • During class, students are to remain seated or in their assigned space for the duration of class and should try to maintain physical distance from others, this includes refraining from sharing materials/textbooks.
  • Desks/workspaces and highly touched surfaces should be clean and sanitized but sanitizing wipes are available for anyone who wishes to use it.
  • Students and teachers are to be wearing masks at all time during class.
  • Food is not permitted during class. Water should be in your own container and should not be shared. Everyone is to use hand sanitizers or wash their hands before and after eating/drinking (should food/water/beverages be consumed in the school).
  • No access to microwave, fridge or coffee/tea machine is available to students.
  • Washroom access is limited to one person per men/women washroom. Keys can be obtained from reception and access/sharing of keys are not permitted. Please wash your hands after going to the washroom.
  • If, at any point, you are not feeling well, please report it immediately to your teacher or reception.
  • Entry into a class or common space should be orderly and everyone should endeavor to always maintain reasonable physical distancing (2 metres/6 feet) when moving aboutthe classroom/school.


  • Before you leave, you should notify reception (sign-out) for staff to clean/sanitize your assigned space. Should you require an early leave, please advise reception so that make-up classes/lessons can be arranged.
  • There are to be no congregation or socializing outside of the classroom. Students are to leave class one at a time, maintaining reasonable physical distancing (2 metres/6 feet) where possible.
  • All personal materials/supplies and garbage are to be removed or disposed of accordingly when you leave your assigned space.
  • Teachers/Staff are responsible for ensuring that all classrooms/common spaces, desks, common surfaces and highly touched surfaces are sanitized before leaving the classroom/common space. Teachers will report any concerns to reception.