Winnie Cho

Winnie Cho

Specializes in Korean

Taught Korean for over 20 years and has overseen the TOPIK test for five years. Served as English Immersion Coordinator and Vice Principal of large educational institutions around the world.


    Winnie Cho was born in Seoul, South Korea and has been living in Vancouver for eight years. Having taught Korean for over twenty years for the Ministry of Education, and researched/overseen the TOPIK test for over five years, she has a great deal of expertise in Korean language education. In addition to this, she has served as English Immersion Coordinator and Vice-Principal of large educational institutions around the world including the Vietnam Korean International School and Language Arts Institute in Canada.

    Winnie holds a BA and MA in Education from Yonsei University, interpretation certification for Korean and English, TESOL for children/adults certification, and vice-principal license accreditation in South Korea. Her teaching style focuses on making the class as enjoyable as possible while also incorporating a great deal of genuine language.

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